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Happy Friday!

Today we welcomed our friends Ivy, Abel, Isla, Quintin, Lincoln, Isabelle, Lara, Ava, Aria, Isabelle, Ariana, Ruby, Orion and Myah. Isabelle, Orion and Ruby enjoyed the early morning indoors reading the book “We are going on an egg hunt” with Miss Thais.

When our other friends arrived, we decided to venture outdoors. The children enjoyed the swing, sandpit, and also walking around the playground and all the possibilities to play with. They found chalkboard where they enjoyed drawing. We sang “One little finger, two little fingers” and also “Bee bee bumble bee” to transition inside for morning tea.

For our activity time we split the children into two different groups where the children who love be outdoor choose stay there with Miss Jordan and Miss Tayla engaging with dinosaurs creatures figurines and dancing along “Sleeping bunnies”  and “Baby shark” (It’s the song of the moment. The children have been asked for the song all the time). The other group indoor enjoyed play with different colors of clay and making snakes with Miss Thais and Miss Tatiane.

The time flew and was time for the FUNKY FEET dance with Miss Jenni where all the children got very excited for this moment. After dancing Miss Thais improvised her “PUPPET SHOW” using different puppets and was a good time to ask questions to the children! They loved! Was also a good opportunity to talk about being gentle with our friends and use our gentle hands.

Love from Toddles One