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Happy Friday everyone!

 Today we welcomed our friends Abel, Thomas, Luna, Bella, Ariana, Myah, Augie, Halle, Delilah and Liz! We enjoyed a very busy morning outdoors today! Luna, Myah and Delilah enjoyed time on the swing, Bella, Abel and Ariana were busy playing hide and seek, Augie, Liz and Halle spent time in the outdoor kitchen baking and Thomas enjoyed racing down the slide! When it was time for morning tea; Miss Maddi read to us “Nee Naw Nee Naw” and then Miss Thais read “Wheels” – our friends are loving reading construction books at the moment! To finish off we sang “Hello how are you” and “Bee Bee Bumble Bee!!!”

For morning tea we enjoyed Amazing Chick Pee and Sweet Potato Muffins with Fruit as we talked about our plans and exciting activities for the day! As the Tokyo Olympics kick off today we began celebrating and learning about it ourselves in group time!  With Miss Thais indoors she showed us the Olympic symbol and explained its meaning. One by one as watched our friends dip cups into blue, yellow, black, green and red paint to make our own Olympic symbol. Our friends were so focused on copying the Olympic symbol as best as we could!

Outdoors with Miss Jordan and Maddi we found yellow, blue, red and green hula hoops on the ground with a bucket of the same colour sandpit  toys next to them. Our mission was to put the matching-coloured toys in the right hula hoops! Our friends were so clever with being able to identify and match the colours together.

Afterwards we all transitioned back indoors for Funky Friday Dance with Miss Jeni! To extend more on the Olympics we began to learn how to do rollie pollies on the mat – it was something different and so fun! We finished off of course with a dance party and got our grooooove on.

We then made our way back outdoors to play with our friends from Toddlers 2 to release some energy and be ready to fill our tummies with Mexican Fajitas and Gauc for lunch!

We are now resting our bodies and will see you soon!


Much love –TD1 and Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan