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Good afternoon and happy Friday!

This morning we welcomed our friends; Bella, Millie, Ariana, Augie, Delilah, Quintin, Lara, Myah, Ruby, Tommy, Abel and Lincoln. We enjoyed a slow and cozy morning outdoors listening to music, sitting on the swing together, watching out for the tractor, playdough, balancing on the beams and practicing our balance bikes!

When we transitioned indoors, we sang ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’ with our friends to slowly move indoors to have yummy Healthy Apple Owl Rice Cakes for morning tea!

The children self-selected their interest this morning while were exploring the room. Our friends showed a great interest in our construction corner today where they all played with the cars and trucks pushing them off the balance ramp and all building towers out of the blocks. Before it was time for Funky Friday dancing with Miss Jeni! Our friends love our funky Friday dancing all having a go and showing off their best moves! After dancing we then all gathered at the tables where Miss Maddi had set up playdough for our friends to enjoy. Our friends loved making different animals and shapes with some making snakes and cupcakes out of the playdough!

We then all went outside for a run around in the side yard where we all took turns on the new balance bikes racing one another around the track that we made! Our friends are getting so much better on these bikes and learning how to balance on them properly.

We then all sat together to sing some songs before we transitioned inside for our lunch which was Ocean Hugger Fish and Chips that our friends really enjoyed all asking for more 😊

We are now all resting our bodies ready for another busy and fun afternoon outdoors playing together.

Much love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan xx