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Hello and Happy Friday everyone!

This morning we welcomed into our yard; Ruby, Quintin, Archie, Liz, Bella, Ariana, Myah, Halle, Augie, Abel, Thomas, Luna, Delilah!

Before we had a spirt of cool rain we enjoyed some outdoor play! We saw some of our SK friends in the next door yard, we had races on the track with our bikes and thankyou to Ruby we read some beautiful books about Dad’s – they were “My Aussie Dad” , “Daddy I love You” and “My Dads the Coolest” . We love getting new and different books to read!

As the rain started this morning we raced indoors to sit on the mat and start our transition time for morning tea. After washing our hands and finding our drink bottles we found Scrumptious Banana Split for morning to fill our tummies with!

After morning tea; the sun had made an appearance so we made our way back outdoors for a play before our Funky Friday Dance! During Dance we had a fun time have a free boogie and then we practiced our rollie Polly’s where we placed our feet together, bent our knees, bent forward and then rolled over – we are improving each week with these!

After dance we splut into 2 groups where some of us moved back outdoors to meet toddlers one for more play and some of us staying indoors with Miss Thais to work on our special fathers day presents! Outdoors; we all showed a lot of interest at taking turns on the swing and singing “Higher Higher please!” We also continued our busy bike races and enjoyed some sandpit cooking.

After a busy morning of play we sat down together to sing “Bee Bee” to help us enjoy Funday Friday Roast It Up for lunch!

We are now resting our bodies and we will see you this afternoon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi