Good afternoon families and friends. Welcome to another busy day here in the Toddler One Room. Our day started off with Miss Jen visiting us from Funky Feet Dancing! The children moved and grooved, hopped and jigged their way through some fun dancing games. William, Evie and Harry then decided to use the bamboo logs to create a ramp for their cars and trains to launch them onto the mat. Vaughn soon came over and started making a train track, before having a turn with the ramp and trains. Miss Leesa then set up some magnetic dinosaurs on the mini magnetic white boards, along with some dinosaur mirrors, for the children to explore. This is providing the children with a chance to extend on their recent interest in dinosaur play.

The children’s attention soon turned to the art area where Miss Jess had moved the art table away, placed towels on the floor and brought in an empty water trough. They watched as Miss Jess added some water and blue dye to the trough. The children couldn’t contain their excitement and started splashing in the water straight away. Miss Jess then came out with little containers of the water beads we used yesterday for our painting. There was lots of wows and ooohs as the water started to change to green as the water beads were added to the trough! The children spent a good part of our morning splashing in the water, exploring the texture of the water beads and moving our turtle and fish about the trough.

After everyone had been dried off and the water tipped into the garden, Harper came up to Miss Jess and asked for dancing. While Harry, Harper and Vaughn were dancing along with the rainbow ribbons, William and Evie were content to role play in Home Corner with the baby dolls.

Have a safe weekend everybody!

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess