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Happy Friday!!

What a beautiful week we have had! This morning we greeted our friends; Ivy, Abel, Lincoln, Bella, Aria, Myah-Rae, Ava, Isabelle, Lara, Delilah and Orion. We started off our morning with indoor play; we enjoyed solving puzzles and home corner especially! When then went outdoors to enjoy the beautiful warm weather, we are loving the warm temperature at the moment as its not too hot for our friends. Oudoors, the swing has been very popular as the children love to sing “Higher, Higherrrr!!’.

After enjoying a long morning tea as our friends were very calm we made our way to quiet corner and practiced a slow breathing mediation and our daily affirmations. Its such an encouragement to see of a lot our friends already so familiar with affirmations!  We then then read to our friends “Follow that Tiger”, “We are going on a bear hunt” and “Grateful”. As we read, we practiced finishing the sentences of the pages where we could as we are very familiar with some of the books already.

After as we regained more energy we had a dress up dance party!! Our friends dressed up as; builders, fireman, princess’s and fairies! We were able to use our imagination and bust some new moves too.  As we did an amazing job of cleaning our chairs yesterday we thought we would incorporate them into another activity. We put the chairs in two long rows for our friends to sit on and Miss Thais at the fronts to be the driver of “The Wheels on the bus” and our friends loved it! We sang and made the sounds as loud as we could!

After enjoying a fun morning indoors, we went outside for more spontaneous play with T2 while the weather was still a perfect temperature!

Our friends are now resting. Have a beautiful weekend and we will see you on Monday!!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla X