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Hello everyone and Happy Monday!!

We hope you all had a beautiful weekend together. This morning in Toddlers One we welcomed Delilah, Abel, Millie, Abraham, August, Ruby, Luna, Liz, Archie, Halle, and Diego. As it’s book week this week, we enjoyed seeing some fun outfits in Toddlers this morning! Abel and Archie were dressed as farmers with us, Halle and Liz wore beautiful princess dresses, Ruby dressed as Elsa and Augie dressed as a fireman!! We started our lovely day playing and enjoying the outdoors where we enjoyed playing in the sand pit with one another, dancing on the stage and sliding down the slides.  After appreciating some spontaneous play and the beautiful weather it was time for us to sit down to engage in our group time today. Miss Maddi read to us “Farm” as today’s theme was ‘Old MacDonald had a farm” so we thought we would base today around all different farm animals😊. We then sang “bee bee bumble bee” to transition inside for a delicious blueberry quinoa breakfast bar.

After our morning tea, we ventured back outside together where Miss Jordan and Miss Maddi had set up a sensory farm animal tray for us to explore and play with – the children enjoyed this all saying what animals they saw and the sounds each animal made, they really enjoyed roleplaying with the farm animals with one another.

As this week is book week, we were super lucky to enjoy a “Alice in Wonderland” story time show!! Our friends were so engaged during this show all listening and dancing along to the music they all loved it!!

After we enjoyed the show, it was time for Monday Yoga, our little superstars are getting so clever at yoga, they are all able to hold the positions asked and all practicing their balancing skills. They all enjoy Monday yoga and get so excited about it!

After enjoying some time inside for the show and yoga we decided to head back outside to release some of our energy, enjoying spontaneous play outdoors before transitioning inside, for lunch, we got to enjoy “Amazing Baked Mac and Cheese”. We are now all resting our bodies after the busy morning we have all had together. See you all soon!!

Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan, and Maddi xo

We apologize about our photos because we are having trouble with the website uploading them. We can just upload few photos a day and small size.