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Hi Everyone and Happy Monday,

Today we welcomed Orion, Lincoln, Abel, Millie, Rosie, Delilah, Brayden, Abraham, August, and Charlie today. We started our morning off playing in the side yard today where our friends really enjoyed playing with the Lego blocks and building towers and seeing who could build the tallest one! They also enjoyed racing around the yard on the jumping donkeys and having races with one another. They all listened to Miss Thais read “The wheels” where we talked about different transports.

Once it was time for morning tea we all sat together with Miss Tarn and sang “Wheels on the bus”, “I had a tiny turtle” and our favorite song “bee bee bumble bee” before transitioning inside for some yummy Tuity fruity trifle with mango, custard and crunchy granola.

After morning tea we went for a “mission” outdoors where we looked for leaves and then we used it for our activity time inside. Indoor we had 2 different tables where the children could choose what they wanted to engage in. We paint by using the leaves in aboriginal colours flag (yellow, black and red) and we also spending time manipulating the playdough and added the stickers into it. Others activities that we enjoy today were building with the train set, puzzles and trucks.

Before our lunch time we had Yoga where we stretched our bodies and tried different poses. The children are also getting more confident with the poses.

We are resting our bodies for more outdoor play this afternoon and some of our friends are having a great quiet time with playdough and reading books.

 Love Miss Thais and Jordan