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Welcome back everyone to a brand new week. Today we had a splendid day with our friends from toddlers two in the morning. We then separated for a turn at playing outside with just Rosie, Colton, Banjo, Ivy and Madelyn. Outside we enjoyed running races as crabs, galloping like horses and hoping as frogs. We also had a play in the sandpit and then toddler two friends joined us this time outside for yoga. We all came inside together for puppets. We sang Galumph went the little green frog, 5 green speckled frogs, the wheels on the bus, BINGO, old MacDonald had a farm and 5 cheeky monkeys swinging in the tree. Then we had a Christmas story recognising numbers to transition to the table for lunch. We have had such a busy and enjoyable time today and look forward to coming outside again this afternoon for a play if its not too hot.

Many joys Miss Leesa and Miss Steph xx