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Hi families! hoping you all had a relaxing weekend!

This morning at kindy we all arrived very excited to start the week! We all put our bags away in our lockers, grabbed our drink bottles, put on our sunscreen and got our hats ready for a big play outside. We have been really working on our self-help skills and independence ready for moving down to the PK and SK.

Our friends enjoyed an array of different activities, toys and creative play this morning. Some of our friends played with the water play, pretending they were making cakes, and using the trucks to carry wet sand back to the sandpit, this is a perfect opportunity to explain the importance of saving water and not wasting it, so we are always reminding each other to turn off the taps when we’re not using them. Other friends were playing on the bikes, some were reading books and others enjoyed the swing.

Group time today we sung our good morning song, acknowledgment to country and had a big discussion about Halloween, we talked about what Halloween is, what we do and that we are going to be doing a whole week of spooky Halloween activities! When the children were asked what they would like to do they said “painting!” “playdough” “bugs!” So that’s what we did.

Miss Thais brought in a spooky Peppa Pig book that we read to the children today called “Peppa’s Pumpkin Party” the children loved this book and really engaged with it. It’s clear this is a favourite at homes too because the children were pointing and telling us who each character was.

Today is Monday which means it’s yoga day! The children joined in on a new yoga song today, where they moved their bodies to the new music, doing downward dog, holding their feet and relaxing on their backs.  There are some great benefits of yoga for children such as: self regulation, self expression, movement and understanding their bodies and how they move and even just for a little relaxing/quiet time.

Activities today were all Halloween themed; we have our Halloween party on Friday but since not all of our friends come on a Friday we will be doing our activities all week! Today we made our very own slime from scratch, they loved this messy sensory play and used their cognitive thinking to combine and mix the ingredients all together. Our other activity was painting our very own pumpkins which we will use to decorate our room!

Lots of love, Miss Steph, Miss Danna and Miss Simona xxx