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Welcome back to what has been a very busy start to the week. We started the day of with a fun game of chase in the toddlers yard outside with the soft red ball. The aim of the game was to chase after it but ended in scuffing up Miss Steph and taking her hat.

The children started their day off busying themselves with abacus, train tracks and home corner. Colton said ‘three’ when asked would he be counting them…

Luca  picked out the red block saying ‘triangle’ and placed it on the train track then picked up his other train and  said Choo Choo with the trains in his hands. 

 And ran them over the tracks he had built with his friend.

Harry decided he would help his mate out by taking banjos spoon and feeding him his food into his mouth.

Then we decided to do washing of the toys to make them squeaky clean. So while Miss Steph got the tub, bubbles and water ready. Harry, poppy and Colton did some helping and cleaning of their own.

Poppy said ‘oh babies’ as she discovered them entering the room and exploring her surroundings. Then she liked to play sleeping babies in the cot. By the looks of it she had done a great job getting the babies to sleep and once that was done she then yelled out ‘cooking’ holding up the baguette in her right hand.


What a Memorial Day we’ve had today in toddlers one. Thank you so much everyone.

Lots of love Miss Steph xx