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Hello and Happy Monday everyone!

What a beautiful morning we all had together, today we welcomed Ruby, Abel, August, Millie, Rosie, Brayden, and our new friend Diego into toddlers one. Our friends had such a cozy morning playing inside with them showing a lot of interest in book corner and the train track set. Miss Thais brought some new books for our friends to enjoy so we sat down and read them together, our friends particularly enjoyed the book “Merry Meerkat’s Yoga time” and copying all the different yoga poses! We then all gathered on the mat to sing some songs before we washed our hands and enjoyed Tuity Fruity Trifle with mangoes, custard, and crunchy Granola for morning tea.

We then all went outside for a play and some fresh air before sitting down at the tables together to do some colouring Miss Maddi had organized – as it is reconciliation day our friends coloured in boomerangs and Australian animals which they all really enjoyed sitting down together and talking about the different animals and pattens they saw.

Before we knew it, it was time for yoga! Our friends are showing such interest in this learning how to relax their bodies and focus on their breathing.

We then sat together, and Miss Jordan read to us “hopeful” before we transitioned inside to wash our hands for our delicious lunch which was Authentic Italian Baked Ziti which all our friends loved 😊.  Now we are resting our bodies ready for a fun afternoon together.

Love from Miss Thais, Maddi, and Jordan x