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Hello everyone and welcome to Toddlers One day

 Today when playing out side, the children took great interest in the bikes. So to further their interests we got out more bikes for them and they took turns in riding around the bike track. A few of the children also wanted to draw on the chalk boards, with all the different chalk. Rubbing the chalk over their face and hair. While playing outside today Miss Hayley the yoga teacher came to do yoga with us. The children love dong yoga and all sat their nicely and listened carefully to what they had to do.
Today in the toddler room we allowed the children to have free play before going outside. We spent majority of the day outside anticipating a turn in the weather in the afternoon. During this time they are able to play with whatever they are interested in. Whether it is music, cars, dolls or possibly even in the art area.The children really enjoyed having the freedom of sitting in the art area alone, drawing and colouring in with special markers. When playing inside the children have great interest in the cars, and garbage trucks.



Group time
This morning in group time the children chose to read a book called “Spot a lot vehicle adventure”.  The children all sat nicely with the educators, reading the book and calling out every time they found another vehicle in the book.During this group time the children enjoyed being able to join in on reading the story. Being able to help find the different vehicles throughout the book.

Please enjoy the photos