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Good afternoon and happy Monday!

We hope you all had a beautiful weekend and stayed safe!

This morning we started off our week outdoors welcoming; Abel, Millie, Mohid, Augie, Liz, Delilah, Halle, Abraham, Archie, Charlie, Ruby and Luna! We are always over the moon on Monday to catch up with our friends so it was beautiful to see the interactions between everyone as they greeted each other. This morning we showed interest in the see-saws, reading on the bridge and making sandcastles together. After enjoying the morning together we sat down in the warm sun and read “Tommy Bear goes on an adventure” , followed by “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to transition indoors for morning tea.

For group time this morning we separated into three groups, both outdoors as the temperature today has been lovely. In the side yard with Miss Lyn we sat together in the shade and made various shapes with wooden stacking blocks. Our friends were challenged to create as many shapes as they could. In the main yard on the stage with Miss Maddi painted the clouds we see in the sky. We did this by painting and tracing the clouds with blue paint on our circular mirror! On the other side of the yard we enjoyed free traying on recycled cardboard with Miss Jordan. Our friends had a beautiful time drawing what we could see outdoors.

Afterwards we came back all together and enjoyed Monday morning yoga outside, this helped us calm down our bodies and be relaxed and ready in time for lunch!

We are now resting our bodies and we will see you this afternoon.

Much Love; Miss Maddi, Jordan and Lyn xx