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Happy Thursday Parents & Families 😊


Very warm welcome to our toddlers team

We started our beautiful and sunny day with a big play in the playground area. Our friends had so much fun in the sand pit, water play and riding the bikes all the way along the garden. Also, this morning Miss Jess and the babies 2 room set up a Jump Castle in a safe space outside for the children to play in. The children could not be more excited about it – two by two they took turns and practiced their big jumps in the soft jumping castle – They absolutely loved it!!!!

After that we decide to come inside for morning tea and a little relaxing playtime. In our group time today, we choose to keep talking about bugs, following on from what Miss Steph has been talking about with the children this week. Since we seem to be having a butterfly epidemic at the moment, the topic we chose today was the “Butterfly life cycle”. We started showing the children about the female butterfly, how lays its eggs on the leaves – after the caterpillar emerges from the egg and starts eating. As it grows it moults, and the larva creates the pupa. Inside, the larva is transforming into a beautiful butterfly. They were so curious about this topic and extremely interested in the poster that shows the cycle.

Extending this learning experience, we decide to create the first stage of the butterfly cycle. Miss Gabi set up a table with natural leaves and cotton balls. In the paper the children did a collage – used the leaves to sit the little eggs – we used the cotton balls to pretend and created our own butterfly eggs lays on the little leaves. They showed all the confidence and engagement to learn in this craft experience and this activity.

The children also explore and engage in this morning imaginative play inside – with home corner and the doll’s house – reading books – building with blocks and much more.

We are planning to fill our afternoon by going outside to explore the environment and looking for butterflies and different types of bugs in the yard and hopefully burn some more energy with some fun games like “we’re going on a dragon hunt” in the lovely warm weather.


Check out the photos!!!


With Love,

Miss Gabi and Miss Danna