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Good afternoon!

This morning was very warm and cosy morning from the rain so we stayed indoors! We welcomed; Tua, Ruby, Lara, Ariana, Abel, Bella, Millie, Nikora, Isabelle, Quintin, Ivy, Alia and Lincoln. Last night Miss Thais had set up a musical and dino table for our friends to discover this morning; she has been making beautiful spaces everyday for our friends to find! We enjoyed listening to Bob Marley while exploring the dino corner alongside the construction corner too. Nikora and Isabelle loved dancing and singing “shake your booooty!!” – so cute!!

After a few hours of inside play we noticed it had stopped raining for a while so went outside and to enjoy the cool fresh air. The children showed a lot of interest in the swing altogether, while Bella and Lincoln were very strong in helping push the swing!

After transitioning inside to have Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bar for morning tea we sat down in the quiet corner with Miss Maddi to read “Some Dads Are” and the requested “Follow That Tiger”!

As it is Wednesday today we also had Martial Arts! Our friends went out in two groups and practiced their developing skills while some of us enjoyed spontaneous play inside before swapping.

Next, we had activity/ group time! Earlier in the week the children absolutely loved the ‘dino iceblock’ activity so we did it again!! They were very careful and paid a lot of attention to the task at hand especially – Ruby, Quintin, Alia, Tua and Ariana! We+ then joined toddlers two outside for spontaneous play; Lara and Ivy even helped T2 clean up after their outdoor activity. Millie and Abel had so much fun doubling up their bikes around the track. Miss Thais helped us to transition inside to wash our hands and have yummy Nourishing Sweet Potato, Lentil and Spinach Sausage Rolls for lunch. We have had such a cozy day together and can’t wait to see our friends tomorrow.

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla xx