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Good afternoon family and friends,

Today we were joined by Ruby, Nayla, Isabella, Nikora, Isabelle, Lara, Onyx, Ariana, Millie, Alia, Quintin, Tua, Abel Ivy and Lincoln. We started our morning off exploring inside due to the weather. We had different activities at the tables happening at the same time. Some friends were really interested to brush the teeth with the dentist’s equipment. We had some reading time with Miss Tiffaey. Miss Thais also set up a container with water and some sea animals where the children loved to play with.

Before morning tea we decided to sing songs- Sleeping little bunnies and Moana (Ruby’s favorite song) and then was time for Tooth Booth Dental Show where all the children sat down on the mat in Toddlers One Room. We talk about being healthy and what foods to eat to make us big and strong just like our teeth. We also got more familiar with the sea animals during the show. The children loved the show!

The time flew and the rain stopped when we decided to have a little play outdoors and indoors and the children could self-selected where they would like to play with before we come inside for lunch and sleep. Outdoor we explore the bikes and the swing. Indoor they have a magnetic board with letters and sensory bottles. Later in the morning we all transitioned to singing more songs and enjoyed our lunch using the spoon. After pack away, their dishes and bottles, the children found their beds and fell asleep. As soon they wake up they will start to pack away their bedsheets and put them in their bags,. We have been practicing that and the children love to help ourselves and our friends during this time.

Love Miss Thais, Jordan, Milly and Tiffaey