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Good afternoon Toddlers One families,

Today we welcomed our friends Abel, Ariana, Nikora, Delilah, Millie, Isabelle, Quintin, Lara, Nayla, Isabella, Tua, Aria and Ivy. We started the morning outdoor with Miss Gaby and Miss Thais engaging in the sandpit and riding bikes. We also decided to bring some dinosaurs outdoor due to Tua and Nikora interest.

We had Miss Jess from TD2 with us today where we all listened to “We are going on an egg hunt” book and we could also practice our counting numbers while we were counting the eggs. We sang very loud “Bee bee bumble bee” and “If you happy and you know it” before morning tea.

Today was such a beautiful day that we chose to spend the morning outdoors, so after morning tea and some dancing to release some energy– “Freezing dance”, “Sleeping bunnies” and “Baby shark” we put on our hats and sunscreen and went outdoors.

Some of our friends stayed inside playing a matching easter game with Miss Thais where they could match the cards. We also created some bunny faces where the children stick the bunny ears and drew make your own special bunny.

Other activities enjoyed today were puzzles, construction play with wooden blocks and felt board with shapes.

Keep safe this Easter weekend and see you on Tuesday!

Love Miss Thais, Miss Tayla and Miss Jess