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Good afternoon everyone and Happy Thursday!!

This morning we welcome our friends Millie, Delilah, Ruby, Abel, Thomas, Luna, Augie, Halle, Liz, Ariana, Bella, Diego, Lara and Quintin. Indoors we had a great time exploring the green, pink and blue sensory boxes, reading books in book corner and scooting around on the zippy tigers. We then all moved to the mat and enjoyed a dance party with Miss Jess and Thais. After showing off our best dance moves we sat down at the door and put on our hats to go outside! Our friends are doing so well with keeping our hats on our heads! Outdoors this morning we expressed interest in the swing with Miss Jordan, books with Miss Jess and of course the bikes – we are improving our balance on the 2 wheel bikes each day! Before morning tea we had Arakan in one big group, we practiced our hand eye co-ordination this week!

Then for morning tea; we sat down with Miss Thais and read “Tom goes to the toilet” and sung “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to wash our hands and find “Apple Pear and Chia Porridge” to fill our tummies with!

Afterwards for group time we all sat together on chairs facing Miss Thais on the mat and played colour hopscotch and then coloured ball spoon racing. All of our friends waited patiently for their turn! Both of these activities gave us the opportunity to extend on identifying colours and numbers and practicing hand eye coordination again! We had lots of fun giggling as we dropped the balls afew times!

We then made our way back outdoors to play with TD2 and enjoy the fresh air before enjoying roast vegie avocado pesto grills for lunch and then resting!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi

PS – don’t forget to look through our photo book that’s in reception!

See you tomorrow Xx