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Colton and Luca had a blast riding on the bikes and following each other around the bike track. Today we also went to the big yard again to practice opening and closing the gate to reach an important developmental milestone in our development, everyone is doing so well and getting used to practicing this new skill.

Extending from our play outside with diggers and sand. Chanel, Colton, Harrison, Harry and Ivy used this opportunity at group time to enjoy learning about all different trucks and their purposes. They were all very engaged and by the looks on their faces they were really intrigued by what Miss Steph had to say. We also had a special puppet show which Delila and Finley showed a very strong interest in and sat for the whole tale of Mr, Grumpy.

Today Eli, Vaughn, Kennedy and Isabelle found it very amusing at the painting table today using not a paint brush but instead coriander stalls to finish off their work.

Many blessings Miss Steph, Miss Gabi and Miss Stacey xxx