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Happy Thursday one and all from the terrific Toddlers 1 Room on this fine day! We would like to start by saying what a wonderful week we have all had here alongside Miss Steph and lots of other familiar faces for our Toddler 1 friends. This can be linked to Bowlby’s theories as he believed that children who have a strong positive attachment to familiar educators use them as a safe base to explore their environments which is all what circle of security is all about too. I am personally a passionate advocate for this theory and believe it underpins children developing in all areas if they initially feel safe, secure and protected.

This morning Miss Steph provided us with yellow and green paint pots with paint brushes. Dipping a brush into colorful paint begins your child’s journey toward a finished masterpiece, but the process is about more than the resulting picture. As they move their paintbrush across the canvas, your child develops cognitively, emotionally and physically. Before you hesitate to let your child get messy with paint, consider what they’ll gain by being creative with a paint brush. All of the children participated confidently and freely. Some of the benefits include –

  • Brain Development. Painting is a creative, emotion-based activity associated with the right side of the brain.
  • Confidence in Success. Academic areas often require your child to find the correct answer.
  • Emotional Expression. Painting gives children a way to express themselves emotionally.

We’ve had the best time making new friend connections and building on existing ones already formed. Thank you for a lovely time toddlers one friends.

❤️ Miss Steph and Miss Gabi xx