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Good afternoon families,

Today we started our early morning exploring inside the room, reading books, playing instruments, and of course riding our new tiger wheel toy. We transitioned outdoors where we loved exploring the sandpit and pretend to cook breakfast and offer to friends and educators.

Miss Thais did a group time outdoor where we practise our daily affirmations placing our hands in front of our hearts. We said “I am kind”, “I am brave”, “I am gentle”, “I am loving”. The children are getting better and more familiar with the sentences. Today we read the book “Construction” and “Wheels”. We also talked about different kinds of transports- bus, diggers and trucks. The children are getting super confident with the names. We then transitioned inside was time to wash our hands and sat at the table for our beans and sourdough Turkish bread for morning tea.

After our Yummy morning tea, we had Arakan Martial Arts. The children are showing more confidence during Arakan activity time. We split the children into two groups for the activity time. When we transitioned inside again Miss Thais did a group time on the mat at this time with our favourite book “Follow that Tiger”. Then we got a surprise for the children- tiger puppets and tiger costume! All the children had a turn and they absolutely loved it!! Miss Thais also did a puppet show with tigers!

Today the children self select what they wanted to play with. We set up different toys in different areas- Book corner with sensory bags, puppets and costumes, construction with the train set and Home corner with babies. Ruby, Isabella, Nikora and Millie enjoyed the costumes and our little cow and tiger. Nikora and Abel were super concentration building in the train set. Ruby and Thomas enjoyed reading time in the booking corner. Augie, Quintin enjoyed the puzzles table. Delilah, Lara, Ivy and Isabelle spent time cooking in home corner and also patting the babies to sleep. Nayla spent her day in Senior Kindy.

We also said goodbye to Ivy and made a little gift to her where we did our handprints. Was her last day in our class! We will all miss you a lot!

Love Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi