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Hello everyone!

Today we welcomed our friends; Delilah, Augie, Lara, Quintin, Millie, Thomas, Diego, Bella, Nikora, Alia, Ruby, Abel, Tua and Isabelle out into the toddlers yard. Outdoors our friends enjoyed practicing more on the bikes, taking turns of the slide, all packing onto the swing and saying hi to the horses! As the morning continued on it was time for Arakaan today and all 14 of us did a big session together. We practiced and strengthened skills we learnt last week and then finished off with a lap around the yard to meet Miss Maddi sitting down and ready to read us a book! We read “Toilet Time” and talked about how we are practicing sitting at the toilet and getting better and better!

As we transitioned indoors slowly we enjoyed Tummy Warming Vegan French Toast all together to then enjoy spontaneous play for awhile. Afterwards we decided to start our group activity outdoors together. We rolled out a long piece of paper and wrote Reconciliation and stamped our handprints in yellow, black and red paint as a part of honoring Reconciliation week in Indigenous colours. Miss Thais then gathered all of our friends together and we had a puppet show! Our friends giggled so much as Miss Thais shared jokes and made funny puppet noises!

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch!! We sang “Bee Bee” and transitioned indoors for Cheeky Mexican Black Bean Tortilla Melts with Guac and then rest in time for a busy afternoon of play!!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan