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Good afternoon!

Welcome to Toddlers one, today our friends; Ruby, Augie, Millie, Quintin, Rosie, Bella, Ariana, Isabelle, Thomas, Orion, Nikora, Charlie, Abel, Alia and Tua joined us for a beautiful day of play! We started of our morning outdoors with free play – exploring the sandpit, loving the swing and best of all we had a wiggles dance party!

For transition time for morning tea; we sat together and practiced our daily affirmations of “I am kind, loving, gentle and peaceful” – this helped our friends to calm our bodies down and take deep long breaths. We then enjoyed Blissful Blueberry, Apple, Ginger Seedy Slice for morning tea before we made our way to the senior builder of an Incursuion called “Ned and Sis! We got to learn more about our Indigenous Culture in Australia and the children really enjoyed this getting up and dancing and singing along to the show, they had a great time!

Afterwards, we made our way back to our yard for outdoor play before all sitting down to read some stories and singing our all-time favourite “bee bee” before going inside to wash our hands and enjoy some Scrumptious Greek Spanakopita Parcels for lunch.

We are now all resting our bodies ready for another fun afternoon outside!

Love from; Miss Maddi, Jordan and Steph