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Happy Tuesday Families & friends 🙂

What an awesome morning at Toddlers room today –  We started our morning playing in the yard with our friends from Toddlers 2 – Ivy and Harrison enjoyed playing in the sandpit – Ivy chose to make a cake and Harrison filled the truck with sand.Colton and Luca pick the bikes and rode all around the bike track that runs all the way along in the playground. Ryan,Grace and Chanel decided to dance to a wiggle`s song with Miss Steph – Everlea and Banjo preferred a quiet activity and chose to make puzzles. –

Wooow what an awesome morning around here today!!!

After all this diversion in the morning our little friends got hungry and then it was time for morning tea – after washing their hands – We decided to enjoy the food in a picnic style under the warm sun in a quiet part of the playground. For morning tea today we had fresh fruit – apple and bananas and coconut biscuit – Miss Gabi and Miss Steph can not be more proud of Henry – He tried all the food and had all the fruits before eating biscuits!!

After morning tea we resolved to come inside the classroom to explore a different scenario – In our group time today Miss Gabi decided to do something different – She took a box with the wood train set and invited all the children to help her build it on the carpet.   They absolutely loved it and also they got very excited due a good performance in the experience Sitting down with the toddlers children and had the opportunity to set up the wood train is a playful way to help they developing new skills – was able to work out – Problem solving skills: They learn to build a track through trial and error, figuring out how to make a circular track that trains can continuously go round. – Learning about concepts: We talked about over and under, through or around, left and right and counting. – Creativity and imagination. They can build the train and set it in a different way every time they play with it. -Vocabulary and communication skills and also teamwork skills – because we set one train for everybody to play together  and also Fine and Gross motor skills.

The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging with these activities: Obstacle course – read book – home corner – music instruments and much more.

We are planning to have a nice and relaxing afternoon and enjoy the breeze in the playground  with our friends from toddlers 2.

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With Love

Miss Steph & Miss Gabi