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Hello families and friends – Happy Tuesday 🙂

What a wonderful day we had in toddlers classroom today! We began our day with a big play with our friends from toddlers 2 in the playground area – Ride bikes a long the playground – Swing – make castle in the sandpit and digger with the little trucks were the favourite activities around here in this morning.

Keeping the science week today today was a day for new experience – In our group time we made a banana bread. Taking turns and waiting all the children had the opportunity to collaborate making the bread. Each recipe Miss Steph said out loud “Sugar” and then all friends say back “sugar” they also helped counting in how much was necessary at each ingredient. Miss Layne said “ 2 spoon of butter” and they said back “ Two spoon” and then help to put inside the bowl. In the time to put all the recipient in the trail Colton and Chanel helped the teacher split the dough in the cupcake trail.
Was a wonderful moment to help the children in their speech and also in math skills.

Before we cook all the children hashed their hands and in we had the opportunity to discussed as a group how we all have germs on our hands from playing and to get rid of the germs we must use soap and water and scrub, scrub, scrub. 🙂

They also enjoyed to play with building blocks, train tracks, playdough, read book and much more!

Check out the photos!!! 🙂

With Love
Miss Gabi, Miss Steph and Miss Layne.