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Good afternoon!!

We started our morning playing outside with Alia, Nayla, Ariana, Ruby, Rosie, Orion, Onyx, Millie, Isabella, Nikora, Abel, Quintin, Ivy and Tua. We explored animal figurines and water play. The children have been enjoying the swing, they also asked Miss Maddi to push them “Higher, higher”. After enjoying a morning full of spontaneous play we sat down together to sing songs – ‘one little finger’ and of course ‘bee bee bumble bee’, and then transitioned inside to wash our hands and have morning tea together!

For our activity today we extended on learning about the Alphabet – we learned the first letter of our names! Miss Thais showed our friends with sticking alphabet stickers on paper and helping us decorate, Miss Jordan with chalkboard drawing and color coordination and Miss Maddi with glitter gluing! Our friends loved trying three different activities all with different sensory appeals. After group and activity time we sat down and Miss Thais showed our friends more mediation and yoga practices. This helped us to calm down our bodies and turn our listening ears on after a busy morning! Our friends are doing very well with their self-help skills – before we go outside we know to sit down together and apply sunscreen and find our hats. Our friends know how to find their hats by finding their photos on the hat sleeves! So we did exactly that after mediation time. Outside our friends enjoyed running around the yard playing tips and of course enjoying water play. Then, it was time for lunch! Abel lead our friends in singing “Twinkle Twinkle” and all our friends then joined in for ‘bee bee bumble bee’ to transition inside for lunch and rest time!

Have a beautiful afternoon and we will see you tomorrow!

Much love Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan xx