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Hello, Hello Parents and Friends happy Tuesday 🙂

and a warm welcome from Toddlers 1


Our morning began today with a play inside in Toddlers 1 classroom – our friends had the opportunity to explore the environment around and search for their self-interest play. Climbing and across the little bridge at the obstacles course and driving the little toys trucks around were the favorite pastime for our little friends! As soon as the sun got up and started shining,  it was time to start our adventure across the playground area.


Under a warm sun our friends peddle the bikes around the yard, build castles at the sand pit, get down in the slime, singing and dancing. After all this play was time to wash hands and pick a nice spot to put our rug down and set up our morning tea in a picnic style. Carefully each child finds their own space and sets down follow Miss Steph instructions.  🙂  Was a enjoyable moment when the children could relax and eat their fresh fruits and coconut biscuit that was provided for a morning tea today.


Today we replaced the group time for one by one activity. The experience was a recognize letter with the loose parts in a puzzle game that Miss Steph made for our classroom. In the experience the part was set up on the table as an intention to teach when each child should to problem solving meeting the letter in the rocks on the board. In the time of the experience was a magic moment to observe development and knowledge. For most of the children it was easy to recognize the letter and also what letter was. Also, we sing the ABC song to help the toddlers recognize the sounds of the letters causing a help in the experience. They all get very engaged in the learning experience.


Was a beautiful learning and playful morning at the toddlers’ classroom. This afternoon we are planning to have a relaxing and enjoyable play outside in the playground with our friends from Toddlers 2.


Check out the photos


With Love


Miss Gabi and Miss Steph