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What a wonderful and playful day around Toddlers 1 room today! We took advantage of this lovely morning and warn weather to adopt our program to the outdoors environment. Once we had welcomed our friends we started our adventure for the day. We began our morning on the playground with our friends from Toddlers 2 –   venturing in the yard listing to the birds chirping away and catching the early worms. Our friends got so excited about the birds and also our little friends could not wait to started exploring the playground with curiosity, confidence, and independence.

After all this big play, our friends got hungry and we decided to have Moring tea outside then Miss Steph set up a mat and in a big circle we enjoyed our morning tea under the sunshine. 

In our group time today Miss Steph read a book about ” A FROGS LIFECYCLE” – The children sat down on the mat and listened carefully. When Miss Steph finish reading the book Miss Gabi suggest to make a playdough table following the children interest for sensory play. Then Miss Steph set up a nice table with turquoise playdough and natural tools such as  leaves and rocks. As soon as the table was ready the children come around and got engage in this learning experience. Chanel,Grace and Henry decided to use the leaves

Colton and Poppy made little ball and counted it with Miss Gabi

 Ryan and Ivy decide made a snakes and snails with playdough.

In between the activity the children used their words to express WHAT THEY WANT?

  • Chanel said:  “I use this”
  • Ryan said:  “Balls”. “Look at my ball Steph!”
  • Miss Gabi asked the kids “Who can make a snake?” and Ivy replied. “Me do it”.Was beautiful to see our friends started to use the verbal communication to express what they are feeling.

Harrison placed the leaves in his share of playdough. Once he was finished he carried it over to the teachers and held it up ??????

Molding playdough is excellent for developing a child’s fine motor skills – concentration and works on their creativity. Stamping – squishing, rolling, sculpting and modelling our little friends had a lovely time play with playdough. 

The children also explore and engage in this morning with these imaginative play, ball games,  swing,make bubbles, reading books, music instruments, dance and much more.

This afternoon we are planning to adventure around the room before they have some yummy afternoon tea and head outside for a lovely play in the nice and cold breeze.

Check out the photos

With Love

Miss Steph and Miss Gabi