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Good Afternoon Families and Parents 🙂

 A warm welcome from Toddlers 1 classroom 


Another beautiful day to explore and have fun with our friends around here. We started our day playing with our friends from toddlers 2 in the yard. We had so much fun choosing to play in the sandpit making cakes with sand and bowls, then using sticks from the garden as candles. Then singing Happy Birthday to everyone and then blowing out the candles and stomping on the cakes and pretending that the icing was going everywhere all over the floor and then having to clean it up and do it all over again.

 Was so much fun in the playground but unfortunately we started to feel the first raindrops and then we quickly went back inside before someone got wet.   


The times flew when we had so much playtime with our friends – then it was time to toilet and get ready for morning time – I think everybody had very hungry tummies today because they ate all their bread and beans for morning tea. 


In our group time today Miss Steph had organised a book for us to read that is called “ Picasso – The green tree frog”. It talked about the frog that can change his color skin and in Trees he turns green again. Everybody sits down on the mat and listens carefully and pays attention to what colour Picasso will turn into – Will be orange said the children and “Look is a green frog”. 


Extending the children’s interest in the story and frogs Miss Steph drew a picture of a frog and Miss Gabi set up a nice table for our friends to make their own “Picasso – colorful frog”. On the table was set up with colorful confetti and small pieces of paper and glue. In a small group they worked out in their college – As soon as the children sat down they asked “ Where is my paper?” 

We all had so much fun completing our art work projects and cant wait to display them up in the classroom.


Miss Steph, Miss Gabi and Miss Danna