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Happy Tuesday everyone!

This morning the children were excited to venture outdoors to explore the playground. The children enjoyed turns on the swing and sensory play in the sand. Some friends also practised their pedalling skills on the 3-wheeler bikes around the bike track.

Before we transition inside the Room we sat down as a Group Time and sang some songs “Hello how are you” and the famous “Bee bee bumble bee” asked by children. We had delicious morning tea where was a good opportunity for the children to practice their motor skills by using the spoon.

After morning tea the children had the chance to explore inside the Room and self-select their interest. We spent some quiet time on the mat sharing story books “Follow that tiger”, “Teeth are not for bitting” and “Piranhas don’t like bananas”.

We will continue learning all about shapes so today the children had the opportunity to play with playdough and make different shapes. We also discussed shapes during the activity. The children recognized “star”, “heart” and “circle”. They also used their words recognizing the colours.

Later in the morning,  we joined Miss Thais for more songs and group time dancing singing a Brazilian song “Meow” while we doing actions holding our friend’s hands. We also practise our breath activity pretend to hold our cup of hot chocolate and blow it. The children did very well.

Before lunch, we had more outside play, but at this time the children chose to explore the obstacle courses.

Now we are resting our bodies for more play.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan