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Hello Parents and Family 🙂 Warm welcome from Toddlers room.

What a wonderful day we had around here. We began the day outside playing in the playground with our friends from Toddlers 2 – As soon as our friends get in the yard they can`t be more excited to explore around- Luca, Henry, Banjo and Colton spent a long time peddaling their bikes around – Ryan decide training his big jumps –  Ivy, Grace and Chanel choose for making cupcake and a play in the sandpit – Poppy and Harrison had so much fun walking up in tree house and climb.

After this big play outside our friends got hungry and we went inside the classroom for morning tea. This morning Miss Steph did a little game at the morning tea time she set up the table with the bowl with yummy Coconut biscuit and fresh fruits and their drink bottle then once they finished washed their hands they should to come and look for their seat.  -They loved this little “trick” game. 🙂

In our group time today we started work out in a ART PROJECT – The idea is make little spiders extending our friends interests for bugs and insects – The project will be device in two part – Today Miss Gabi set up a table with black paint and recycle egg cartoon – Practicing our friends fine motor skills we decided to use pencil brush today for painting the little cartoon as a black – Using a pencil brush is a good instrument to help toddlers develop their fingers muscles and also eye- hands coordination and also is a very relaxing and calm down experience. The result of the first part of the project is awesome – Well done children “our spiders “ body are done – and tomorrow we are planning to finish our project and stick on legs and eyes to make our little spiders.

We are planning to fill in the rest of our day with a play inside until all friends wake up from rest time after that we are going to have afternoon tea time and get already to have a play in the playground or on the equipment that engages our friend in a happy and free play arvo.

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With Love

Miss Steph and Miss Gabi