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Happy Wednesday families and friends…

We started our day in the great outdoors, exploring the playground, but before we transitioned outside all the children sat on the mat for sunscreen time. They helped themselves by spreading the sunscreen on their faces, arms and legs. This self-help skill was a good time to practice identifying body parts as  the children applied their sunscreen. Kezia said “nose”.

The children enjoyed riding the bikes and playing with the diggers in the sandpit. Running races were great fun, with lots of laughter filling the air. The Toddler friends happily raced from one end of the playground to the other, seeing who could be the fastest. When Miss Steph arrived the children asked for bubbles and they had a fun time catching all the bubbles as they floated in the air.  Harry was busy pretending to drive the car and his friends joined in at the back for “the ride”.

Once inside Miss Thais read the ABC book after Lachlan B sang the ABC song to his friends. They helped Miss Thais to recognize the letters and pictures in the book. We also practiced our fire drill today as the children confidently lined up at the door to make their way to the foyer.  Later in the morning it was time to wash hands and prepare for yummy pizza for lunch!

Was a lovely day in the Toddler Room!

Love Miss Thais, Steph and Leesa