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Hi friends and family, happy Wednesday!

This morning we welcomed our friends Isabelle, Rosie, Abel, Ruby, Isla, Myah-Rae, Tua, Millie and Brayden. It was a beautiful morning so we made our way straight outside bright and early; our friends explored a lot of the sandpit find; the diggers and bulldozers, shovels and buckets and sand sivs. We also tried to call over the horses but they seemed too busy eating their breakfast!

By the time we needed to transition inside we sat in a group together and read ‘Dino Numbers’. As we read Miss Thais asked our friends questions about the numbers and the different colours in the book and then of course we sung ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’ and for morning tea we enjoyed Very Peachy Jelly Cups.

For group and activity time this morning we enjoyed painting and spontaneous play! For painting we had two activities where we painted our friends feet green and stamped them onto paper to make dino faces and the other was painting with cotton sticks onto paper. Rosie, Ruby and Isabelle were very careful to not move their feet (it’s a serious task! Haha). Tua, Millie and Myah-Rae practiced their fine motor skills with cotton tip painting and Abel, Isla and Brayden took their time to enjoy moving between various activities in the room. Afterward we joined toddlers two outside for free play before lunch, all of our friends played so beautifully together enjoying each other’s company.

We made our way inside for Delicious Creamy Salmon Penne and are now resting!

See you this afternoon while we are enjoying play together!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla