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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today we welcomed our friends, Ruby, Nayla, Abel, Nikora, Millie, Brayden, Myah, Orion, Ava, Isla, Rosie, Isabelle and Tua. Today due to the weather we couldn’t go outdoors, and we decided to bring some obstacle course inside the room. The children kept busy climbing and trying their balance in the big obstacle course inside. They also shared turns. Other activities that the children self-select were home corner, construction with cars and trucks and building with connectors and little puzzles.

Before our morning tea and activity time Miss Maddi read to us our favourite book “Follow that tiger” and “Alpacas with Maracas”. We transitioned to the toilet after “Bee bee bumble bee” and sat down for morning tea.

For our activity time, we made finger paint four-leaf clovers and gluing with clover outlines because St. Patrick’s Day. Miss Maddi found some little green pieces for us to stick on the paper. This art is a great way to encourage your child’s creativity and get them practicing using those fine motor skills in their little hands.

Before lunch time we practised meditation with Miss Thais and some Brazilian songs with the children.

Lunch today was pasta and salmon! Yummy the children loved it!

Love from Toddlers One