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Good afternoon families,

We started our morning off welcoming Lagertha, Myah, Diego, Charlie, Halle, August, Archie, Obi, Luna, Liz, Abel, Ruby, Mohid and Abraham. Outdoors we enjoyed the swing where our friends asked their educators to push them “higher”. Ruby and Myah had a great time collecting leaves from the yard, placing it in their buckets and carrying them around holding hands. The children also enjoyed pretending to drive to the shops to buy “lollies, ice cream and apples” for each other to enjoy! We also explored the sand pit area enjoying making birthday cakes and decorating them with sticks and leaves we found around the playground. After enjoying roleplay and exploring the outdoors we gather for our group time, today we got to enjoy singing “I had a tiny turtle”, “hammer hammer” and “bee bee” all together before we transitioned inside for some “Coconut strawberry delight” for our morning tea today.

After our morning tea, we decided to do some meditation together, we played calm relaxing music, and all laid down on the mat with pillows to help calm our bodies Miss Maddi then went over our faces with different coloured clothes to help us fully relax – our friends really enjoyed doing meditation today all participating well and relaxing their busy bodies – before it was time for our activity.

For today’s activity we did another science experiment based around different colours. This experiment involved milk and 4 different food colorings. We all stood around the table together and watch as Miss Maddi and Jordan poured the different food colouring into the milk and observed how each colour mixed and what different colours they made. With some of them saying “wow look” and “its mixing”. Our friends have really been enjoying all our science experiments that we have done showing great interest in them.

After enjoying our milk experiment, we decided to venture outside for a run around with toddlers two where our friends showed great interest in roleplaying in the car and chasing each other around the yard. After enjoying spontaneous and free play outside we met together to transition inside to enjoy our delicious lunch all together – today we got to appreciate “Wholesome Shepherd’s pie bites with cauliflower mash” which everyone loved, all asking for more!! 😊 we are now resting our bodies after the fun morning we’ve had together. See you all soon.

Much love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan x