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Hi families! Happy Wednesday

We began our day outside and enjoyed exploring the yard using the bikes, sandpit toys and trucks today. We loved doing running races with each other on the bridge and sliding down the slide as fast as they could! They also loved engaging in meaningful play with their friends from Toddler 2, developing their friendships and playing new games.

A few of our friends came in dressed up for book week! Millie was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood today, Poppy was dressed up as a Fairy and Banjo was dressed up as a unicorn! Harrison was dressed up as PJ masks today! They all brought their own books to share at group time.

At group time today we had a discussion with the children about Book Week, and a lot of our friends have been bringing in books for us to read to their friends! Today we had Banjos book “Wheres Mr Unicorn?”, and Poppy’s book “Isabella’s secret”. The children absolutely love stories and have been so engaged hearing each others favourite books. Miss Gabi was dressed up as a pirate today and brought in her book “Mayday Mouse” too.

Miss Otavia did our group time this morning and the children were so excited to hear her read the stories! She sung our good morning songs, our acknowledgment to country and got on with our books. The children asked so many questions with the books and had lots of laughs from the unicorn book.

Inside we had 3 activities set up for the children, extending from their interests of their books. Our first activity was purple sparkle playdough for Poppy like Fairy playdough. Another activity was a pirate hat arts and crafts! Where the children coloured their own pirate hats. We also did a pirate treasure hunt, where the children found balloons! The children love balloons and tried to blow their own balloons up. This is really good for their fine motor skills. They also had free choice, where they were developing their sense of agency and independence, choosing an activity to play with and getting it out on the mats.

We hope you had a fantastic day!

Lots of love, Miss Danna, Miss Gabi and Miss Simona xxx