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Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday!

Today we welcomed into our room Millie, Ariana, Diego, Lagertha, Liz, Archie, Luna, Charlie, Myah, August, Obi, Ruby, Thomas, and Abraham into our room this morning. Today a few of our friends dressed up with us for book week with Liz, Luna and Myah dressed as princesses, Ariana dressed as Elsa from Frozen, Ruby was dressed as Ruby red shoes and Archie dressed as the hungry caterpillar, we have loved seeing all the different dress ups this week! Once all our friends arrived, we made our way outdoors to enjoy the beautiful warm weather. Millie, Myah, Ruby and Liz loved chasing each other around the playground and running across the bridge. Diego, August, and Archie enjoyed racing around the bike track together. Luna, Lagertha and Ariana enjoyed sitting in the sun reading books with one another. While Abraham, Charlie, Thomas, and Obi enjoyed exploring the yard and finding different things to play with. After appreciating some spontaneous play around the yard with our toddler two friends it was time for group time!! Today we read two stories brought in for us the first was “….” Brought in by August and the second book called “…” which was brought in by Ariana our friends loved these books so much, thank you Ariana and August for sharing these with your toddler one friends! We also sang “Hello how are you” and “bee bee” before transitioning inside together for morning tea.

For today’s activity we all sat down with Miss Maddi and read “Pirates in Pijamas” and then dressed as Pirates to go on a “treasure hunt” with Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan around the yard to see who could find the hidden treasure! Our friends had a great time all following us around the yard to see who could find the treasure hidden in the garden😊 Once our friends found the treasure, we all enjoyed the outdoors and explored the yard to see all the different things we could play with, our friends showed great interest in the sand pit while we were outside together. Time really does fly when your having fun, before we knew it, it was time for us to head back inside for some lunch! Today we got to enjoy “Wholesome Shepard’s Pie bites with Cauliflower mash”

We are now all resting our bodies ready for another busy afternoon outdoors.

If you would like to dress up with us tomorrow, we are all dressing up as tigers from our favorite book “Follow that Tiger” we can’t wait to see you all then!

Much love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi xo