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Good afternoon,

Hello and happy birthday to our friend Luna who is turning two today!

This morning we welcomed our friends Luna, Diego, Liz, Charlie, Myah, Lagertha, Augie, Ruby, Abraham, Charlie and our new friends Mohid and Obi! We enjoyed a peaceful morning outdoors on the swing, the see-saw and practicing on the two wheel bikes.

When it was time to move indoors Miss Thais read to us “Follow that tiger” and then introduced us to our new friends. We showed our new friends how to sing “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” and transition indoors for morning tea where we enjoyed  Organic fruit toast and delicious triple berry coconut jelly for morning tea.

As it is Lunas 2nd birthday today we split into 2 groups of indoor and outdoors to rotate in between. Indoors; we made cupcakes so we can celebrate and sing happy birthday to Luna during afternoon tea. For our outdoors activity as our theme this week is Early Learning Matters the theme of today is “Positioning”. We practiced positioning outdoors by finding some trucks in a basket and putting them all in a line with all of colours together in order and chatting about what colours we saw and counting how many cars and trucks.

After activity time we had more fun with our friends outdoor. Miss Thais did a group time using our “5 little monkeys” and felt board while singing and counting numbers with the children. Miss Maddi read the “Toilet time” before we came indoors just to refresh us on what we need to  do when we go to the toilet.

Our lunch was Sticky Thai vegie balls, sesame noodle and salad. The children are packing away after meal time and they also liked to help their new friends today showing them how to packing away.

We are resting our bodies now and we can’t wait to have our chocolates and vanilla cupcakes this afternoon.


Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Jess