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Good afternoon everyone!

What a cozy and relaxed day we have had! This morning we welcomed; Isabelle, Rosie, Lincoln, Ava, Myah-Rae, Nikora, Millie, Tua, Ruby, Abraham, Lagertha and Orion. We started off our morning outdoors reading books together before it started to rain! We then made our way indoors and our friends enjoyed exploring the Dinosaur and construction tables, building train tracks, more reading of “Nee Naw The fire truck” and “Wheels”. By the time it was morning tea we sang “Bee Bee” with Miss Jordan and made our way to wash hands and enjoy eating together while listening to the rain.

Afterwards, we sat in book corner together and Miss Steph read to us! Our friends listened thoroughly to “Follow that tiger” and “Construction”. Afterwards we gave our friends the opportunity to gravitate towards their interests and what they wanted to play with for the rest of the morning. Popular interests were; jumping cows, making tunnels from the wooden blocks for the dino’s, the dolls house and train tracks. Throughout the morning we also continued making our presents for our mums for Mothers Day! As we enjoyed the painting we talked about what we love about our mums and favorite memories together.

From being inside all morning we thought it was the perfect idea to have a dance party to release more energy, we loved; ‘baby shark’, ‘sleeping bunnies’, and ‘going on a bear hunt’ !! We then all sat together to quieten down to get ready to transition for lunch to enjoy Nourishing pumpkin soup – Which for perfect for rainy day weather!!

See you soon everyone!

Much love; Miss Maddi, Jordan and Steph