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Good afternoon families,


We welcomed Ruby, Abraham, Myah, Luna, Liz, Diego, Lagartha, Charlie, August and Millie. We started our morning indoors where we showed interest in magnetics blocks and drawing. Millie, Charlie, Luna and Myah also showed interest in baby dolls and home corner.

We sang our morning songs “Hello how are you” and “Acknowledgment to country” before our morning tea. We had an INCURSION today about NAIDOC week. So after morning tea we all got ready, put our shoes on and went all the way down the bottom center in Kindergarten Room.

The children love to listen to Aboriginal Music and do the actions to songs. We also learned about different cultures through songs, costumes clothes and instruments. Was really nice to see them all engaged during the show.

We went back to the top Centre where Miss Thais asked the children who would like to do painting indoors and who would like to play and enjoy the sun outdoors. Myah, Ruby, Abraham, Millie and Charlie were so excited about the activity and when Miss Thais asked them they said “painting”, so to extended our NAIDOC week topic, we continue using our fine motor skills by using the cotton tip to do some dot painting using the aboriginal colours flag- red, black and yellow. Was a good way to ask the children about the colours! We swap groups and let the children free to make choices about – indoor and outdoor activities.  Outdoor they enjoyed balls game with their friends from Toddlers Two and Miss Gabi.

Before our lunch Miss Thais did a group time where the children self-select the books that they wanted us to read. Ruby said “The Wonky Donkey” and Millie choose “Nee Naw the Little Fire Engine”. We also sang 5 little monkeys and try to show the numbers by using our hands.


Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi