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Good afternoon friends and family, happy Wednesday!

This morning we enjoyed a peaceful morning play indoors! We welcomed our friends; Abraham, Tua, Abel, Nayla, Orion, Rosie, Myah-Rae, Isabelle, Millie, Nikora, Aria, Isla and Ava.

We enjoyed drawing all together, cooking in home corner, building train tracks and exploring construction corner. When it was time for morning tea; we sat together in book corner and sung “Put your hands on you nose, knees ect’ and finished off with ‘Put your hands on your heart’ – to practice our daily affirmations. After we read “We are going on a egg hunt’ to then sing “BEE BEE Bumble Bee”!

For activity time our friends did free painting; they loved covering as much off the paper with paint as they could. Millie even yelled out “Look, I’m painting!’ When our friends were finished with painted they also enjoyed spontaneous play, they showed a lot of interest in the stacking wooden blocks, puzzles and book corner. We noticed that the sun was peaking through the clouds so some of our friends went outside and some continued to enjoy the indoors.

Transitioning indoors – we sat down together and we asked our friends a few questions about outdoor play to help them engage in conversation with each other and think about their play time outdoors. We then sang ‘bee bee’ to make our way inside for ‘ Delicious Creamy Salmon Penne’ and rest time!

See you tomorrow friends!

Much love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla