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Happy Wednesday Families and Friends 🙂 

A warm welcome from the toddler’s classroom!!!


Another beautiful and playful morning around here – Today we began our morning inside the classroom with our friends from Toddlers 2 – The favourite activities were climbing and trying the jumps on the circuit course – play with our new hot wheels set  and building blocks and smash it with dinosaurs – what a fun experience!


The time flies when we are having fun with our friends and then was time to Toilet/ nappy change / washing hands and Morning tea time –

For our morning tea today we had a very yummy Mango muesli with coconut – our little friends just loved the entertainment Miss Gabi was providing by balancing the dinosaur on her head and as soon as the bowls got empty we just heard “ MORE and MORE” as they really enjoyed using the spoon to serve it into their bowls.

The activities table was set up in the playground outside today – One of the tables was with Miss Otavia where she lead the art and craft – today we started work on an art project – We will make our little fire blowing recycled dragon. We decided to extend the children’s interests for the song “Were going on a dragon hunt” and provide the opportunity for our little ones to make their own dragons and we will finish it tomorrow!

On the other side of the playground was Miss Gabi leading a sensory play – Today we decided to create with cooked colorful pasta a dinosaur garden.  The children came around and as soon started to touch the pasta the first word was yucky but not after 2 seconds they got so curious about the activity.It was so interesting to observe how the same children got so into the experience -Look as though they enjoyed how they felt it and experience – Some ones enjoyed touching the pasta in their arms, other one liked to try it smashing into their fingers and the rest loved to dig their hands inside it.  We prolonged the play by adding sand and bark inside the trail to upgrade our dinosaur garden and add an extra element of textures. They absolutely loved to feel the sensation of cold pasta in so many ways. 

There was so much going on, so much noise, so much smiles and laughs and so much fun around here this morning! 


Now our little friends are resting in their bed – listening to quiet songs and relaxing for one more adventure this afternoon!!! 


Scroll down a little further to check out the photos!!


With Love


Miss Steph and Miss Gabi