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Hello families,

Today we welcomed Ruby, Lincoln, Millie, Diego, August, Myah, Lagertha, Rosie, Brayden, Isabelle, Abraham, Nikora and Tua. We started our morning indoors today due to the weather. Isabelle asked Miss Thais to read the Wonky Donkey Book and then we all read together this morning to this “funny story” as Ruby said to her friends. We listened to the music “Wonky Donkey” and also clapped our hands while we were listening to it. Lincoln decided to get chairs and seats for his friends during our Group Time. When Tua got here he found our animal box and we decided to build a “dinosaur house” using our big wooden blocks. Tua and Abraham were fascinated with the animals. When Nikora arrived he was lucking for trucks and police cars.Diego, Brayden, Rosie, Millie, August, Myah, Lagertha enjoyed the colouring and stickers this morning and also the Puzzle table.

Later in the morning, Lincoln, Tua, Rosie, Nikora and Brayden went to Senior Kindy for a play and we had friends from babies 3 who are transitioning to our Room. Everyone were so welcome to Liz and Charlie. Isabelle, Millie and Ruby were very excited to show them our kitchen area in Home corner. Miss Thais also got some babies accessories and Miss Jordan played with the kids indoor while Maddi had an activity outdoor for them- our sensory animal’s tray.

Now we are having a rest and some friends are happy playing with the babies doll and reading books.

Love Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi