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Hello families and friends and welcome to another fun filled day of learning and play. This morning we continued on with sensory play experiences with the purple kinetic sand. Kaylee noticed how soft the sand was in between her fingers as she manipulated  the sand and decorated the kinetic sand with feathers. Today after morning tea we prepared for Miss Gabby’s yoga session. The children were  so excited to assist Miss Gabby as they helped spread out the yoga mats on the floor and sat quietly ready and waiting for their first exercise. Today the children pretended to be crocodiles as they stretched out on their tummies and used their arms to go ‘snap, snap’. The children also played make believe as they used Miss Gabby’s rainbow paper plates as steering wheels and pretended to drive a bus. The children always look forward to Miss Gabby’s yoga sessions each week and particularly enjoy receiving a special  sticker at the end. Yarn time today we shared a variety of books including ‘My Daddy ate an Apple’ and ‘Down in the Jungle’ as well as singing along with some of our favourite  puppets and rhymes including Little Turtle, Row, Row your Boat and 5 Cheeky Monkeys. Wow. What a super busy day in the Toddler room today.

Love MIss Leesa, Miss Jess and Miss Danica….