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Happy Tuesday everyone! Today in the Toddler room we continued on with recognising  ‘National Reconciliation Week, a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements.  The children collected and painted the river rocks from the garden with water colours as a continuation from yesterdays experience. Yarn time we shared ‘Animals around the Billabong’ big book as the children identified and chose their favourite Australian animals all having a drink from the billabong. In the playground the children were excited to take turns painting with our outdoor art experience as the children expressed their creativity using the water colours, brushes and sponges.  The children observed the paint making stripe patterns as it dripped down the page…Miss Gabby was back this week for our yoga session, which all the children joined in and stretched and  role played as they pretended to ride the bus, drink water like a puppy and snap like a crocodile…Wow… What a wonderfully busy day was had in the Toddler room today….

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jess