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Happy Hump Everyone!! we hope your all having a wonderful week so far, Today Miss Shelby, Miss Steph and Miss Jordan say a big hello to our friends Every, Luca, Alanis, Dominic, Poppy, Lachlan, Rania, Willow, Quinn and Alexia.

After a play with we then came inside for morning tea and then joined Miss Shelby on the mat for group time where she brought in some books to share. To extend on Lachlan, Quinn and Luca’s interest yesterday of watering the garden Miss Shelby read How does your garden grow with the children recognising and naming some of the objects in the book, Miss Shelby also read Spot Says please as the children have been using their manners to say please and thank you and Spot’s Harvest to learn about what things we can grown in the garden, the children could recognise the pumpkin in the book and we sang dingle dangle scarecrow as there was a scarecrow in the book. Miss Steph pretended to be a scarecrow as she moved her flippy floppy hands and flippy floppy legs.

Luca used his words saying ”row, row” so we joined hands while we sang the song with Dominic and Lachlan holding hands.

Some of the children adventured back outside with Miss Steph to continue with our learning of sustainability practices with them helping to water the gardens with watering cans while inside Miss Shelby provided the children with a flower painting activity to  extend on the children interests interest of helping to look after the outside environment through watering the garden plants and flowers. While doing her painting Quinn used her words to tell Miss Shelby her flower broke as she said ”broken”.

Miss Shelby sat down with Lachlan, Everly and Poppy to do some conversational reading, together we looked the pictures to see what we could see while Miss Shelby read Spot loves his friends. Lachlan pointed to the beach and said ” sand” and Poppy said ”dog” while looking at spot in the book.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph