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Good afternoon friends and families,

What a miserable rainy day today which we loved watching out the window!!  We spent the day indoors where the children started the morning engaging in free play with the farm animals, trucks, and puzzles. We then sat down with Miss Bec for group time where we read some books, sang some nursery rhymes and “bee bee bumble bee” before we transitioned to the tables for morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Maddi got out the disco lights and the children got out their dance moves for a DANCE PARTY! Woo!! The children were moving and grooving around the room to many different dance party songs whilst watching the disco lights go round and round. We then got out the playdough where the children enjoyed rolling, shaping and squeezing, using their sensory skills to manipulate it. Miss Maddi even showed us how to make an ice cream out of playdough. So cool! They all love playdough!

It was then time for us to settle down, so Miss Thais got out her meditation skills, helping the children rewind, relax and settle. Some layed on the floor while listening to the relaxation music and some sat up tall sayng “ummmmmmmmm”. We then transitioned to the table for lunch which was very yummy and now we are sleeping and relaxing our bodies.

7 sleeps til Christmas! Yay!

Love Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi xx