Hello families

Welcome to Toddlers two. Miss.Thais and Miss.Bec welcome all the children in the morning and Miss.Hansani also joined with Toddles two to spend the day. We started our day playing outside enjoying all the challenging experiences such as climbing, walking on the net bridge, sliding on the slides and ridding bicycles. They also enjoyed playing in the sand pit, playing in the bark yard and watching horses.

After the busy morning play, we headed back to the room after washing hands to get ready for the morning tea. Children enjoyed their self-help skills during the morning teatime as they love to hold the spoons and feed by themselves. Then children had a nice group time singing songs and reading some stories while we were sitting on the mat.

After the group time, again we transitioned to outdoor to explore some messy play as it’s the last day of the science week. We created a shaving form experience using some shaving form and color to let the children explore this activity more likely a sensory experience. They loved to touch and feel the form on their hands first and all over their bodies next. Then we decided to extend the activity creating a goop play for the children as they already showed their interest on messy sensory play. We made goop using some corn flour and green colour. Children loved to grab some goop on their hands and watch melting it from their hands. It was such a nice outdoor messy experience for this age.

Have a nice day…