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Sunshine Wednesday♥

Hello families and welcome to our sunshine day here in the Toddler Two room.

What a lovely day it has been and for the children being able to explore their outdoor environment!

We started the morning off out in the great outdoors where the children were all so eager and full of joy as they were able to take action and explore the outdoor environment. They smiled, laughed with glee as they roamed around from digging in the sandpit to riding the bikes, climbing the obstacle course, using the paint brushes with water to paint different type of surfaces. The children also enjoyed dancing freely to music and swinging on the swing in the beautiful cool breeze with the sun shinning on down.

After our BIG play outside we headed in to our room where we then had group time before morning tea. In group time today Miss Nads gave us some books that Ari’s family had donated to the centre. We then read the wiggles book and the ”101 first words” before talking to the children about the sun and that we are going to make a big one as a team to continue on with meteorology week. We then sang ”Open, shut them” before we sang our transition song to wash hands before we eat. The children are all becoming so confident and involved learners each day.

When all children had finished morning tea we all then all scouted out around the room and engaging with a variety of activity spontaneously, such as;

  • Playing with the doll house equipment
  • Zooming the cars around the mat and car garage
  • Problem solving with the puzzles
  • Following the leader as they all crawled around in laughter

A few children then also participated in making the sun as they used glue and collage paper to stick on the white carboard. For the children who did not have a turn this morning we will be finishing it this afternoon. We wanted to make the most of outdoor adventure today so the children skipped outside with their hats and sunscreen where they met with Miss Hope to make some foamy goop for all children to enjoy and experience the texture. After our massive play we then all came inside to get ready for lunch and rest time♥ This afternoon we will have a whirl of fun as we head back outside to make the most of the beautiful afternoon♥

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Shae xx